Why Inner Work Is The Solid Foundation to a Successful Business

business coach how to be successful how to be wealthy money coach wealthy Oct 01, 2021
When you have a solid mindset and operate in alignment people may perceive you as working really hard
But to you, you feel ease.
Because your willingness to expand and your power allows you to do things from an energy with ease while other may try and replicate and feel like it’s hard because they aren’t bringing the energy that backs it up
It’s the difference between being pulled vs pushing
This is why inner work is the solid foundation to a successful and sustainable business.
I feel like people can use the words “hard work” interchangeably when they really mean
Doing expansive and growth oriented things, showing up for the things that matter to you, devotion to your work in the world, and walking in alignment with your bigger vision.
But when these things are backed by desire and purpose- they don’t actually feel hard
They can feel scary, edgy, exciting, intimating, etc.
But they don’t feel hard for the sake of hard
When you have a solid inner world, you can be doing the same things other people call hard, and feel ease.
You don’t have to override your system and over work to become more successful
You get to build a business in alignment with YOU
With the life you desire to live
With the rest you desire
All of it.
You get to build in alignment with your s e x y and wild feminine energy and hold it in union with your inner masculine
To me the vibe is aligned movement, embodiment, expansion, power, leadership, turned on for life, wet p* s s y, solid inner world, figuring it out as you go, spaciousness, play, rest, thriving relationships, building a business AND life you love, sharing and serving, and offering many ways for people to step into your world.
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