The Real Reason People Aren't Signing Up To Work With You

business coach money coach wealthy woman why you aren't getting clients Jul 19, 2021
The real reason people aren’t signing up to work with you is because you’re not being loud enough.
The reason you’re not being loud enough is because you don’t actually believe in yourself and your life changing work, not completely.
So you’re charging what you think is convenient for people to pay you.
So you’re sharing only small fractions of you and your life changing work.
Because you doubt your ability to actually facilitate drastic change for the people that work with you.
So when you connect with people who may be interested in your work, you don’t show up fully knowing you can help them.
It’s like YOU want to be convinced of your great work.
But it doesn’t work that way.
You need to deeply fucking KNOW how powerful and life changing it is to work with you, then other people will see that.
The truth is, at your core, you’re a top level bitch in your field.
Let her out.
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