Why They're Hitting their Income Goals and You Aren't

business coach how to be wealthy money money coach wealthy wealthy woman Jun 14, 2021
Wanna know why they’re hitting their goals and you aren’t?
Because you’re holding back.
Because you’re doubting yourself.
Because you’re doubting your brilliant unique perspective.
Those brilliant ideas you get? You talk yourself out of doing them. You convince yourself they won’t work. You believe no one will want them.
Those things you really care about? You’re not sharing with the world.
Maybe you don’t think what you have to say matters, or maybe you’re caught up with one of these bullshit things that is completely and totally irrelevant.
“What if people don’t like me?”
“What if people don’t like my work?”
“What if people don’t like what I have to say?”
“What if ‘her’ teachings on this are better than mine?”
Get the fuck over yourself. 😉
This shit is bigger than you.
People need that shit you’re holding back.
Go big.
Be fucking loud.
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